The Governmentalities of Dictatorship – Call for Papers IPSA 2012

Fortunately, my panel proposal for the IPSA 2012 Conference in Madrid entitled “The governmentalities of Dictatorship” has been accepted. It has the following focus:

Contemporary comparative research on Dictatorships is strongly focused on political regimes, institutions, mechanisms of power exertion, and the rational / public choice models. This research offers a richness of insights and data, that can be used for assessing Autocracies. But, as a consequence, individuals as objects and subjects to power are mostly neglected. The same applies to the interrelations of of politics and other spheres of transnationalising and technologising societies. In order to intergate existing research into a broader strategy of understanding the logics of power and domination, it seems to be fruitful to use the methodological and theoretical richness of political and social sciences.This panel intends to offer a platform of discussing especially post-structuralist and postmodernist methodological and theoretical approaches (e.g. from Foucault to Lyotard, from Chomsky to Baudrillard) for assessing the varieties of dictatorship. Both, papers focussing on theoretical reflection and on empirical results are welcome in order to gather a different view on the governmentalities of dictatorship.

If you are interested to pareticipate with a paper – that indeed has to be of high quality and deal with the respective topics – please feel free to contact me immediately and send me a paper proposal or upload it directly at the IPSA Page to RC 36, Panel The governmentalitiues of Dictatorship. The deadline is October 17. (but might be extended…).

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