Still alive and working…

… seems to be an andequate message when having posted the last article some months ago. Having passsed a time of acute lack of time (and messages worth being published here) there are some news.

Recently a short article of mine on elections in non democratic political systems  “Wahlen in nicht-demokratischen Politischen Systemen” was published in Buerger im Staat 2-2009, pp.125-133, a periodical that is published by the Landeszentrale fuer politische Bildung Baden-Wuerttemberg. In this article I am giving a short overview on functions of elections in non-democratic regimes as they are for example discussed by Dieter Nohlen, Andreas Schedler and other scholars. That elections are substantial and meaningful parts in autocracies is illustrated using the examples of Russia and Venezuela.

Together with Josef Schmid, I have published a  WIP-Paper titled “Politische Führung – Zwischen Individuum und Gesellschaft”, WIP-Paper No. 45-2010. This paper comprises two contributions to the debate that address the Phenomenon of Leadership in Organizations from two different perspectives. In my  article on Organization, Social Character, and Leadership styles I argue that social change affects individuals as well as leadership styles. The effects of this interdependence produce theory of contingency: How to find situational adequate styles of leadership in a
changing environment. Joseph Schmid addresses Leadership as a core phenomenon of party politics. Research in this field is rarely done, as some methodological problems exist and as the relevant actors tend to elude investigation. In other words, entering the Arcadia of Power is difficult. At the same time politics structural display some characteristics that make it difficult to travel insights from management and organizational research –even though these disciplines offer a rich pool of methods and theories.

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