Simone de Beauvoir – eine interdisziplinäre Vortragsreihe

Simone de Beauvoir would have celebrated her 100th birthday this year. The french existentialist philosopher, author and feminist theoretician is seen as the most important female intellectual of the 20th century. Starting from her individualistic critique in the 1940ies, she developed one of the most important key readings of the second feminist movement and a magnum opus of feminist theory: “The Second Sex” was first published in 1949. Together with a lot of other writings and political statements she created the project of her life. In her lifetime her person and opus were highly controversial, her writings is full of fractures and not yet fully interpreted.

Within the interdisciplinary series of lectures, central topics of Simone de Beauvoirs opus are adressed by political scientists, philosophers, theologians, literary scholars, historians and politicians. What are still actual topics, which aspects of Simone de Beauvoirs thought can be related to contemporary problems and ideas?

The lecture series will be held in German and will start on 6th November 2008, 18.00 at Hoersaal 24, Kupferbau in Tübingen with a panel discussion. The lecture series is organized by Patricia Graf, Ursula Konnertz and myself in cooperation with Rosa-Luxemburg-Forum Baden-Wuerttemberg, Heinrich-Boell-Stiftung Baden-Wuerttemberg, Institut francaise Tübingen, the teaching equalty programme (TEA) of Tübingen University and UI-Plan.

You can find the flyer in German with all the data here: flyer-beauvoir

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