Some more impressions from Moscow

Accoring to a long and well established russian tradition (at least I was told it is one), photographs serve as evidence for having really been to the place you pretend having visited it. So, I was a kind of forced to make some pictures that are not really this spontaneous: But hey look, I have really been there at prospekt vernadskogo 76, where MGIMO-University is located

But there are some more impressions, that I find quite more interesting. Like most of the visitors do, I have been to a “Moscow by night-Tour”, that actually was arranged only for me by the lovely people I worked with at MGIMO. (Thanks again to Roman and Alena!). For sure, the followin might be one of the most photographed sites. It is one of the so called “seven sisters”: The central campus of Lomonossow-University that was built from 1948-1953 in this impressingly monumentous stalinistic style of architecture sited at vorobiyvy gory or in english sparrow hill.

Vorobiyvy gory is also the place where the younger ones meet in somewhat warmer nights and that is why it is quite crowdy there. And it is the place where the fast and the furious of Moscow meet to celebrate their dedication to fast cars and street racing. Unfortunately, this is something that the Police also knows and as they are really present there, the street racers have to look for alternatives. One of them is to use RC-Cars.

It is really amazing how many lights there are, and how many bulidings are illuminated in bright colors. One that I found really nice was a hotel in the centre of Moscow near the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It combined advertisment, light-show and Russian Patriotism in a very elegant way that is impossible to overlook.

Back to daylight there were also very interesting things that I assumed to be worth being photographed. On was the amateur style internet and housewideweb at the dormitory of Lomonossow-University, that actually looked like a supersized spiderweb.

And it was two advertisments, one of which adresses a real and important problem in Russia in a quite drastic but humourous way: alcoholism. The text approximately means “the more you drink, the less brain you have”.

The other one also speaks for itself, or what would you do with a guy implementing such a marketing strategy as “lada kalina -moya mashina” and combining it with such a picture? Hey dude, better find yourself safe place to stay or pray for good sales figures.

I like this city! There are so many impressions….

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