31st ISPP Annual Meeting in Paris

On Wednesday 9th July 2008, the 31st Annual Meeting of the International Society for Political Psychology will open its doors at Sciences Po, Paris. I am really looking forward to this conference, not only because Paris is one of the most beautiful cities in Old Europe, but also because there will be some very interesting panels. To learn more about the conference program, pleas visit the conference homepage. You can also search all papers presented of the conference there. I will present two papers. One ison an empirical research project about postmodernity and personality conducted in Germany. The other is a bit like selling coals to Newcastle, as it is named “Learning from Baudrillard and Foucault. Consumer Culture, Social Milieus and The Governmentality of Lifestyle” and is presented in Paris.I am looking forward to inspiring discussions.

This also means that I will be out of office most of the next week – sorry.

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