Weltregionen im Wandel – Lateinamerika

Within the scientific row “change in world regions” a new volume is just out now concerning Latin America.  Te volume is edited by my dear collegues and friends Patricia Graf and Thomas “Charlie” Stehnken who did a realy good job to give an overview on developments in Latin Americas politics, economies and societies.

As Latin America experienced fundamental transitions not only due to globalization, latin american countries were faced with substantial problems. Part One of the volume analyzes the changes of stateness, mechanisms of political power and governance as well as the results of state reforms. The second part deals with  economic issues reaching from strategic partnerships with the EU to questions of competitive capacities in the international environment. The third part is dedicated to political culturem civil society and the means of populist political leaders to mobilize the masses. As this volume brings together  authors from science and practice, it offers a unique perspective on transitions in Latin America.

  • Patricia Graf/Thomas Stehnken (Hrsg.) (2008): Lateinamerika. Politik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft. (Weltregionen im Wandel Bd. 3), Baden-Baden: Nomos, 244 pp., 45.-€, ISBN 978-3-8329-3432-3

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