Policy Making and Legitimation in Autocracies

In addition to repression and co-optation, authoritarian regimes use redistributive and legitimizing strategies in order to secure their survival. In a new article my collegues Aron Buzogány, Patricia Graf and I conceptualize and discuss different opportunities of legitimation through policy-making that can be used in autocracies. We exemplify this concept by outlining and comparing autocratic legitimation strategies in innovation policy. Legitimation through policy-making is a double-edged sword, as it includes both potentials and risks for legitimation.

  • Aron Buzogány, Rolf Frankenberger & Patricia Graf (2016): Policy-Making und Legitimation in Autokratien: Das Beispiel der Innovationspolitik. Totalitarismus und Demokratie 13 (2), S. 257–280.

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