Two new Publications on the Middle East

Within the scientific row “Weltregionen im Wandel”, volumes 4 and 5 are published and available now.

Volume 4 “Der Staat im Vorderen Orient”, (The State in the Middle East), edited by Peter Pawelka, adresses concepts of the State in the Middle East. This Region is the only one in the world with 5000 years of traditions and concepts of the State. This bureaucrat, interventionist, and authoritarian type of state struggles nowadays struggles to survive in a globalized world. In this volume, renowned authors discuss the historic and cultural roots of the oreintal state and his developmental perspectives.

Volume 5 “Politischer Islam im Vorderen Orient” (Political Islam in the Middle East), edited by Holger Albrecht and Kevin Köhler, adresses one of the most discussed phenomena in the Arab World and offers an insightful overview of the different phenotypes of Political Islam and discusses both conceptional questions and particular islamist movements in the most important countries of the Middle East, e.g. the egyptian Muslim Brotherhood, the development of political Islam in Algeria, and the question of islamist movements in Iraq.

Taken together these volumes contribute to a deeper understanding of the Middle Easts’ political,  historic, cultural and religious history and actual development.

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