New Semester – new Seminars

The new semester has already started last week. My seminars at the University of Tübingen will start next week:

There will be three graduat seminars and one undergraduat seminar with the following titles and starting dates:

  • “Russia in transition” (Course A) is starting Monday, 21st April at 12:00. Main topics are new developments in the political system of Russia. They will be analyzed from different transition theorie’ point of view, with a focus on types of political systems.
  • “Russia in transition” (Course B) is starting Monday, 21st April at 16:00.
  • “Empirical Research Methods in Political Science” will start Tuesday, 22nd April at 12:00. Topics are quantitative and qualitative Methods of research as written and oral interviews, construction of questionnaires, observation, etc.
  • “Research and Teaching Project 2” is an undergraduate seminar for 5/6 th semester. In this second part of the Seminar, students will present first Ideas and results of research for their B.A.-Thesis, will receive individual coaching in presentational skills (including video analysis), and will learn about applications and assessment.

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