From Brasil to Brittany – some summer impressions

Summer is nice, especially when you have the chance to witness two summers within one year. Ok, first one was not really for holidays, but for a conference in Sao Paulo, Brasil. At least, the second one was for relaxing Some impressions from Sao Paulo

It is rush hour on Avenida Paulista, and later it is still rush hour  on Rua Barao de Itapetininga in the city center.

These are, indeed, the sunny sides of Sao Paulo. There are still others, as most of Sao Paulistas can neither afford to live nor to go shopping here… Nevertheless it is a really lifely and dynamic city I liked very much. Brittany instead is what you could call a place to relax from energy-sapping semesters. In the region of Morbihan, you can find beautiful beaches, lovely lighthouses, and lots of evidence of historic and prehistoric activity of mankind, trhe use of which is not always as clear as itt is for lighthouses.

Isn’t it kitschy, the “Tour des Anglais” in Pénerf-Damgan? Not less pittoresque is the small village of La Roche-Bernard some 30 kilometers southeast with its city centre houses being built rom the 13th to 17th century. Today it is used by artists and artisans – and gardeners – as studios.

The next one is a more or less neolithic one. The Cairn “Petit Mont” on Rhuys peninsula looks down upon the Harbour of Arzon at the Gulf of Morbihan inlet. This cairn was bulit between 7000 and about 2000 b.c. by ancient builders. And it witnesses what we ironically could call  German “Gründlichkeit” as in World War 2, the Wehrmacht didn’t find a better place to construct a bunker of the Atlantic wall. Today, both monuments are integrated in the Petit Mont Documentation Center.

Now, as summer has gone and workoad is high again, a new semester will start soon…

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