New Publication: Mikrophysik und Makrostruktur

In the Beginning of 2013 the new special issue “Autokratien im Vergleich” of “Politische Vierteljahresschrift” was published. Amongst others, it contains an article I wrote and developped through the years… It is a pragmatic attempt to refocus research on Autocracies. Contemporary Research on Autocracies is plural. Drawing on systems theory according to Talcott Parsons and the poststructuralist ‘analytics of power’ of Michel Foucault, I propose an analytical approach that accounts for this plurality and offers ideas for a different ‘order of the things’. This heuristics starts from the functional differentiation of the political system and its interchange systems. In a second step it integrates subject, power and technologies of power as core categories for analyzing the functional logics and mechanism of modern autocracies.

  • Rolf Frankenberger (2013): Mikrophysik und Makrostruktur. Überlegungen zu einer Analytik der Macht in Autokratien. In: Steffen Kailitz und Patrick Köllner (eds.), Autokratien im Vergleich, PVS-Sonderheft 47, Baden-Baden: Nomos , pp.60-85

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