It seems that strange things happen…

… when you decide to leave your office for holydays. Or at least this is what happened when I was off duty for a week skiing with my family in the lovely Bayerischer Wald in south-east Bavaria. I am sure that I had cleaned my office up before I left  it ten days ago, and I am not aware of having said anything to anyone like: ” Hey, it’s ok, I do not use it anymore, just put all your junk in it!”. But nevertheless, unlocking my office and opening the door, this was what I saw today at 8.45:


If that is the way the organization is concerned with its reliable, hard working employees, I don’t want to know what they do with the inferior ones (might they resurrect the Spanish Inquisition?). For Gods grace they didn’t touch my spiderpig-poster!

So, if you do not want to find your office in such condition, never go on vacation!

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