Barack – nophobia / Obama – nia

There are many rumors about who Barack Husein Obama really is and what he stands for.  Some say he is a muslim, some say he is not the right choice, and so on. But do you know the true story of Barack Obama a.k.a Banel Nicolita that even wikipedia and Jon Stuart do not know?

In real life the democrats’ presidential candidate 2008 is a romanian football professional just having been part of Romanias Team at the UEFA EURO 2008, that hopefully will not be a benchmark for Baracks success in the elections.


Look at this:

By the way, no one in the world calls the game soccer but the Americans. No one. It’s football!!!!

1 Response to “Barack – nophobia / Obama – nia”

  1. 1 balutza November 3, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    you idiot, whay you insult this player asociateing-him with obama. don’t say something like that untill you don’t know him, first read and then talk about how he loocks like (i’m not to good to englesh)

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